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Hygienic Energy Solutions is dedicated to supplying the most cost effective UV-C solutions.
Our aim is to be the largest wholesaler of UV-C equipment, and provide contractors with usable and friendly installation solutions.  
We offer tailored solutions for Health, Food Handling, Hospitality, Logistics and Manufacturing Environments.  
Speciality key skill areas being the Health & Safety concerns surrounding the above, but also the contaminant control factors.
The UV-C lamps that Hygienic Energy Solutions supply are systems engineered to deliver the highest output providing the best germicidal control.  
Installed in new or existing HVAC or refrigeration systems, germicidal UV-C keeps components clean to reduce energy and maintenance costs as well as improve Indoor air quality (IAQ)  
UV-C devices are used around the world in hospitals, laboratories, schools, government facilities, offices and homes.  
UV-C lamps are effective in reducing mould and bacterial contamination during food processing, packaging and storage to enhance quality and safety and extend shelf life of products.

By reducing or eliminating airborne mould spores, viruses and bacteria from the indoor air, UV-C can help:  

  • Reduce sickness such as common cold, influenza, and tuberculosis  
  • Reduce allergy and asthma symptoms  
  • Reduce headaches  
  • Reduce sinus - nasal congestion  
  • Reduce fatigue and depression  
  • Combat Sick Building Syndrome.  
  • Prevents germ build-up in HVAC systems  
  • Disinfects 24 hours a day  
  • Is proven to reduce sickness numbers, helping to increase productivity  
  • Can extend shelf life of food  
  • Is practically maintenance-free  
  • Dispenses with the need for chemical cleaners which can be expensive and harmful to health and the environment  
  • Save on coil maintenance labour and coil cleaning material cost  
  • Has an excellent price / benefit ratio  
  • Are easy to integrate into existing and planned systems  
  • Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)  
  • Improve health of occupants and reduce absenteeism  
  • Remove viruses, bacteria, mould mycotoxins / spores and VOCs from the circulating air  
  • Destroy biofilm (mould, bacteria and viruses) growing in and on the coils and stop it from growing.  
  • Protect against pandemics.  
  • Provide IAQ (up to 99.9%) free of air-borne viruses bacteria and mould  
  • Automatically cleans the coils  
  • Save 10 to 20% of AC energy cost by improving HVAC  
  • Increase life of coil and chillers  
  • Reduce bacteria on food  
  • Provide a ROI "Return On Investment" in less than one year  
  • Water Conservation: Reclaiming clean condensate for cooling tower makeup, irrigation or gray water flushing reduces water and waste water cost.